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Acquiring firearms, ammunition, and airguns by mail order (FORM S.43A)

This mail order form does not apply to pistols, MSSA, or restricted firearms purchases. You will require a permit-to-procure for these specific items. Please contact your District Arms Officer at your nearest district police station for further advice.



Sellers / suppliers of firearms, ammunition, and airguns are required by the Arms Act 1983 to ascertain that the purchase/recipient is the holder of a firearms licence or is of or over the age of 18 years old in the case of airguns.

The only methods of ascertaining this which are acceptable to New Zealand Police are:

a) The seller meets the purchaser face to face and personally examines their firearms license (or photo identification of proof of age issued by the New Zealand Government, in the case of airguns), and compares the photo therein with the person in front of them.

b) In the case of a non-face to face transaction, the seller / supplier receives direct from New Zealand Police (by email or post) advice that the purchase/recipient holds a firearms license or is of or over the age of 18 years old (in the case of airguns) and that they are entitled to possess the firearms, ammunition, or airguns listed in the purchaser’s written (purchase) order in favour of the seller / supplier.

c) Sellers, as a prudent additional step, may also request verification of a firearms license number (sighted by them as in method A) from New Zealand Police or phone or email.


The Process: (Non face to face)

The following process relates to the non-face to face transfer (sale or supply) of standard sporting rifles and shotguns (“A – cat firearms”), ammunition, and airguns.

The form: (S.43A)

Police mail order online form, or a form provided to you by the New Zealand Police

All firearms, ammunition, and airguns must be fully and correctly described. This includes the full make, model, serial number, and calibre as appropriate.

- Purchase firearm(s) and / or ammunition by mail order sale

Sellers by mail order / internet website may use this form to meet their obligation under section 43A of the Arms Act 1983 to sell a firearm and / or any ammunition pursuant to a written order, which has been endorsed by New Zealand Police. The written order form may be included on the rear of the Police mail order form (Form S.43a).

- Purchase of airguns

Proof of age must be established by a current New Zealand drivers licence, a current New Zealand passport, or a Hospitality NZ 18+ card. Club bona fides are established by providing to Police the original of a letter of good standing from the club which is dated within 14 days of application to Police.

- Verify firearms licence

New Zealand firearms licence holders, whose licence has been issued by New Zealand Police, but have yet to receive their firearms licence card, may establish the currency of their licence to the seller of an airgun, restricted airgun, firearm and / or ammunition by presenting their current New Zealand drivers licence, a current New Zealand passport, or a Hospitality NZ 18+ card to Police, and , if collecting the goods in person, to the supplier of the goods once the supplier has received the Police verification from the Arms Office.

Ask the District Arms Officer at your nearest police station for further advice if required.

The process: (Face to face)

Step 1: Personally deliver the completed form to the Police station.

The accepting police member will:

- Satisfy themselves that you have provided sufficient information for the verification to proceed

- Verify your details on the form with your firearms licence. A drivers licence, passport or 18+ card may be acceptable in some cases

- The form is forwarded to the District Arms Officer for completion and transmission direct to the seller

Step 2: The District Arms Officer will then:

- Verify the seller’s identity

- Verify your details

- Verify your address (Note: if the address is different to your firearms license record, the form will not be completed until Police have carried out the appropriate residential security checks)

- Verify that you do not have any convictions or events which have occurred since your licence was issued that will influence your status as a “fit and proper” person

- Verify details of the firearms, airgun, or ammunition requested

- Sign the form. Valid for 14 consecutive days.

Step 3:

If you meet all of the requirements of the Arms Act 1983, the Police will email your form direct to the seller / supplier (In this case - TACKLE & OUTDOOR)

The address for delivery of the items must be an address recorded against the purchaser’s firearms licence. The purchase must be present at the address to receive the delivery, or the goods are to be held at the premises of the mail / courier company who is making the delivery. Sellers are to give this instruction to the mail / courier company which they engaged with for the delivery.

*Note: Only a “Police Form” from a Police email address, or the original, certified by a New Zealand Police District Arms Officer and mailed direct to the seller, will satisfy the Arms Act requirement for the seller to take reasonable steps to ascertain whether you are a holder of a firearms licence, or in the case of an airgun, are of or over the age of 18 years old.

If you have any questions, please contact your District Arms Officer at the link below